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Dear customer friend:
Thank you for the trust of Bo Tao optical, to the vast number of consumers to provide quality products, excellent after-sales service is our tireless pursuit, in this, Bo Tao to all consumers willing to provide the following services:
Service philosophy:
To provide services to meet customer needs, build a platform for staff development.
 Respect for customers, understand customers, continue to provide customers beyond the expectations of products and services, customers are always partners, customers verysatisfaction is our continuous improvement of power;
 Create a good working environment, establish a sound management system for the development of staff to provide better conditions, the overall quality of staff to enhance the quality of the company is the continued development of the boost.
Service System:
Pre-sale - to assist users to product selection, free technical advice, according to the needs of customers to develop a satisfactory program;
Sale - follow up customer orders, timely reporting of progress, real - time control of product quality;
Sale - tracking product services and product quality, from time to time to visit customers, keep abreast of the use of the situation. Pay full attention to and promptly resolve customer complaints, to provide after-sales technical support, and strive to customer satisfaction.
- MILE (Smile) - Smile is the language of communication, with a sincere smile to provide services to customers;
- SPEED - quick and easy to understand and address customer needs;
- SINCERITY (honest) - in good faith to communicate with customers, dedicated to customer service;
- SMART (smart) - to meet the needs of customers in the most effective way to provide the highest quality service with flexible procedures;
- Research (research) - continuous research and innovation, to provide customers with better products and services.